With Great Talent Comes Great Responsibility ...

Hi! It’s us, your friendly neighborhood Wondergirls.

As actresses auditioning in the Atlanta market, we yearned for the perfect taping experience. We rallied our forces and created a state-of-the-art studio to propel our own careers through knockout auditions. Now, we are inviting the greater Atlanta acting community to supercharge their own powers at WondergirlsHQ!

Our affordable taping service is designed to be all you could wish for in an audition experience.

We offer:

  • Professional readers: inspiring authentic responses in your audition.
  • Degreed coaching: giving you the benefit of our BFA and MFA training.
  • Positive workspace: inviting you to give your best performance.
  • Online reservations: empowering your schedule.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere: drawing on 15+ years working with children.
  • Convenient location: serving you from residential Southeast Smyrna.

Come discover your inner hero at WondergirlsHQ!

Kelly, Inge, & Brittany

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